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This journal is best read in the voice of the Team Fortress 2 Scout. I'm not sure why.
I was going to comment on something, then decided against it, but if this site is as soul-devouring as I remember it being, someone's probably noticed I'm online by now, so I might as well acknowledge it. And if it's not actively devouring your time and your souls: great! You've got lives now! I'm so proud of you!

Honestly, this site was so full of garbage that I never want to come back here. I returned briefly out of assumed necessity then thought better of it. I really oughta start hiding my status. I wonder why I didn't do it last time.
Maybe you remember the clueless twit I used to be. That person has been altered beyond recognition but for the same basic structure of doing pointless shit instead of being productive.

I'll be the first to admit this is a stupid post. I mean, why come back to some place if you're just gonna trash it and leave again? Honestly, there's no point. It's not like this is gonna change anything, right? Eh, who knows. I used to think I could make a difference. What a laugh. I didn't change anything here.
Here, I'll prove it. I've lurked here and there, watching you all go about your lives. Unless you're that random guy who watched me while I was away (and to that guy, thanks, but I'm not sure what you were expecting, given that my profile states I'm basically permanently inactive), I've probably seen bits and pieces of your story as you've been moving along. And guess what: You didn't learn a thing from me. That's the flat truth, guys, I didn't teach you shit. Maybe one or two of you picked something up, I haven't caught everyone's tales told, but the overwhelming majority hasn't bettered their lot. Not that I was exactly helpful in that regard. I was no better than the worst, whining and moaning and just sitting there looking for attention so I could feel like maybe I wasn't so pathetic.

But this isn't all about me. Oh no, if it was all about me, there would be no point in wasting your time with this half-assed journal entry. No, this is about you. What all did you accomplish in the time since I left? Have any of you grown up? Have any of you gotten over yourselves and your drama? Just take a moment and consider that. Keep the crap to a minimum, and I guarantee you will have a more productive life. That is the key, fellas.

Right now? I could be doing something. Instead I'm spewing some trash about how much I hate the site I'm posting on. I mean, what the hell. Get out there and make life happen, guys. Do what I only wish I'd done, before it's too late. Learn some skills, while your brain is still optimized for learning. Make some friends, while your brain is still optimized for that.
Get a life, brotha, before life gets you.
Bill out.
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Just wanted to say a few final things.
1. I look back at how I used to act on here and I want to slap my past self. I was an epitome of hypocrisy and it was wrong and I was too dumb to see it clearly. I alternated between lying, bitching, and acting like a hippie, and frankly I'm surprised I made any friends at all, if one can call such shallow interactions friendship (protip: you can, but you'd be lying to yourself).
2. There are a number of reasons for my inactivity. First of all there's a forum for a nice game called Blockland, a virtual lego game of sorts, which I am active on, and since you gotta buy the game (20$ normally) before you can post with a forum account, it keeps away a helluva lot of the riffraff. Second there's the drama. You have no idea how many drama whores I run into on Deviantart. It's pathetic and sad but it's true, and I certainly contributed to it myself, and it was stupid and I should have known better, but it's a little late for that, heh. Third there's the memories. I'd rather not go there. Fourth is the copypasta. Copypastas on the Blockland forums are frowned upon, which means less spam to put up with. To quote the forum rules, "11. No chain-letter-style spam. Copy and paste this message into five threads and you will be permanently banned." Fifth, I just got tired of stuff. I don't draw anymore so much as I write and none of my writing is in a state remotely close to what you could call "finished". I still have a few real good ones that I never got around to posting but I cannot accurately portray most of my ideas with the media I have available, which is a damn shame.
3. I will be deleting a lot of my extraneous crap lying around on here, but my account will remain not-shut-down in case anyone happens to find anything they like. I will probably not be replying to most messages.
4. If you want to keep tabs on my biggest project yet, you can see the Superscape Project's walls and walls of text at…
Sadly the tab indent is broken by the forum's formatting and I'm looking for a way to fix it, but it's only really important if you're trying to do an indepth analysis of the level list.

Good day, and good luck.


King of the Bill
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Well, I'm out. It's been fun... or has it?
<insert snark here>

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