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Minecraft: Forever Fortress Nether Branch pic 1 by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress Nether Branch pic 1 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 0 Minecraft: Forever Fortress main plaza pic 2 by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress main plaza pic 2 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 4 0 Minecraft: Forever Fortress Central Plaza pic 1 by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress Central Plaza pic 1 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 0 Minecraft: Forever Fortress pic 3 by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress pic 3 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 1 0 Minecraft: Forever Fortress pic 2 by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress pic 2 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 1 0 Minecraft: Another world type bug by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Another world type bug :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 0 Minecraft: Why you dont change world type by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Why you dont change world type :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 0 Minecraft: Forever Fortress by YourBuddyBill Minecraft: Forever Fortress :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 3 0 Kristie sketch by YourBuddyBill Kristie sketch :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 5
Ideas - Superscape (WIP) Revision 3 -OUTDATED-
The Superscape is a world that was built from scratch by an alien bioengineer, who I call "Inigox". Inigox found a nice asteroid field and had his gravity-bending friend mash a bunch of asteroids together, until something resembling a rather large but barren planet had been formed. Inigox then brought sixteen races from other places to help him build his world (the traveling of the races to this world is referred to as the "Journey"). The sixteenth race was Human, but they're all gone now, as are most of all the others. Basically, society was all going well until a couple of idiots from each race decided to obliterate each other and now the fifteen Fallen remain to keep their respective peoples in hiding. The Superscape itself orbits no star, instead having a miniature orbital "sun" and moon.
Note that Inigox built the Superscape for a very important reason:
When the original creator beings of existence tire of their creations, all of said creations will be wiped from existance, with n
:iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 1 18
Ideas - Pony edition - Revision 7
First of all: Little do others know, but cutie marks can be "leveled up" three levels. Level 1 is the basic level that everypony gets eventually (note also that it's a cultural occurance, and non-ponies who grow up among ponies may get cutie marks as well), Level 2 is accomplishing some sort of long-term goal (Twilight Sparkle might achieve Level 2 by graduating from Celestia's school of magic, for instance), and Level 3 is extremely rare, generally a Saving-The-World sort of deal (although Alicorns tend to hit level 3 automatically). There are also extremely rare occurences wherein a pony's cutie mark changes without "leveling up", generally related to an extreme change in personal philosophy. Level ".5", as it's considered, does not provide any special abilities, simply altering the cutie mark's appearance to better suit the pony's use of his/her talent. Level 0.5 is impossible, level 1.5 is almost nonexistant (but there are maybe three recorded instances), level 2.5 is the m
:iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 29
Just the other day I was walkin down the street
When I ran into a cat that didn't have enough to eat
Felt sorry for the fella, brought 'im back to my place
And when I showed 'im 'is house he scratched me in the face. :/
The cats own the humans not the other way around
All the humans appear when the cat makes a sound
"Feed him, pet him, what is it now?"
But humans don't speak Cat, they don't know how.
That gets annoying after a bit
and soon the cat starts to hiss and spit
And all the little humans go scampering away
To go back to whatever they do every day.
You don't own your cat, your cat owns you
No matter what you say or do.
:iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 12 13
Library of Bad Puns book names
The Wonderful World of Racing, by Willy Win and Betty Wont
The Benefits of Heavy Armor, by Nadsin Steele
Secrets of Battle Administration, by U. Stand, N. Bach, and B. Sayfe
Avoiding Ambushes, by I. C. Nada
Is Pessimism Contagious?, by Y. Trie
How to Build a Robot, by Anne Droide
I'm Fine, by Howard Yu
Improving your Reflexes, by Luke Owt
Gambling Odds, by Monty Carlos
Mensa Man, by Gene Yuss
Downpour!, by Wayne Dropps
Because I Said So, by Frank O. Pinyin
Tug of War, by Paul Hard
Caught by Surprise, by Omar Gosh
My Favorite Instrument, by Tom Bone
Disappearance, by Otto Site
Highway Travel, by Dusty Rhodes
Large Crowds, by Morris Merrier
Shut Up and Stop Arguing, by Xavier Breth
Get Moving, by Shiek Aleg
Armed Heists, by Robin Banks
Come On In, by Doris Open
:iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 14
Welcome to the Scatman's World by YourBuddyBill Welcome to the Scatman's World :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 14 3 Valentine 2 by YourBuddyBill Valentine 2 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 2 7 Valentine 1 by YourBuddyBill Valentine 1 :iconyourbuddybill:YourBuddyBill 5 6


Fish Bridge 8 by PsychoWardJester Fish Bridge 8 :iconpsychowardjester:PsychoWardJester 48 13
shiny hacky people
its contemplation thats the silence
im the only one that can see things
put your hand to your pencil to paper
scribbles of intense subtle meaning
hack their way again into perpetuity
i'd laugh but its the weight of dignity
selfless turn to selfless every time
i'd laugh if you laugh with me, tho
thats what we seem to do best, see
i dont care if the worlds a tragedy
as long as you know what some people really think....
:icondavidatwell:DavidAtwell 2 1
Phil Robertson
Okay, before hand i would like to say that i mean not offend anyone in this rant, you have been warned.
Everyone seems to be pissing themselves over this duck dynasty bullshit, so I'm going to throw in my own two cents.
So, his answer about his views on homosexuals was "It seems like, to me, a vagina - as a man - would be more desirable than a man's anus. That's just me, I'm just thinking: There's more there! She's got more to offer…"
I love how stupid this guy is. Because, yeah dude you apparently claim you're a straight guy, I'll take it at face value right? So he's like "haha man the woman's got a vagina! so like, why aren't you into that?"
Because he's gay? and so he likes different things? Like, he can't see out of his own perspective for like a nano second. That's like asking someone who likes strawberry ice cream and being like "Why do you like strawberry ice cream? Chocolate is so much better."
PEOPLE LIKE DIFFERENT THINGS. You can't force people to like something
:iconcethic:Cethic 2 4
'Winter' the Weavile by Snowfyre 'Winter' the Weavile :iconsnowfyre:Snowfyre 97 143
Saviour and destroyer of my mind
I don't fear the moment I have to wake up
Instead I long for the moment the night is over
and I can see the one I love again next to me
You are my saviour from the dark
and the reason I fall deeper
For I have more what I can lose
You make me see the light and make me reach for it
while I get dragged further inside this dark cave
that traps me every year again.. and again
Drag me back to the world of happiness
without me having to slide into the abyss
before I realise what in this life I would miss
:iconwiliart:Wiliart 8 2
The Fairest Maiden of Them All
The beautiful maiden
Her charm
Her beauty
I cannot comprehend
That this wonder
Stepped down from heaven
To the reaches if hell
To bring me
Back to the light
To be my friend
But now,
The maiden has gone
To the depths of earth
Letting me fall
Back down
To retrieve
A cursed man
He controls her
Stripping the maiden of her pure wings
The wings that once held,
Such beauty
Have been bloodied
I have vowed to protect the maiden
Guard her
Respect her
Love her
Reach out to her
Even in secret
I will keep the maiden
Close to my heart
Even if she hates me
I will keep my promise
Until the end if time
I cannot will myself
To believe
That the masked nab
Will take it
The innocence
Take away my maiden
The maiden will find
The pure white wings
Long lost
Close to my heart
Like me
:icon19animeluver96:19animeluver96 3 4
Don't Conform, Transform
How stupid can I be
To believe I knew you
The believe I trusted you
I thought
You knew me
You trusted me
Guess I was wrong
I am alone
I've always been alone
These people I called
They never cared
Was I there to tease
To joke about
Maybe I was
I was blind
Thinking I knew you
While you hid behind my back
Acting as if I never
That my feelings didn't matter
That I was a toy
I will no longer be a toy!
I am my own person!
I will not conform!
Not to the person you want me to be!
While you try to destroy me
I will take us
So He can judge
But as fate has it
Woe to us
For we have the same fate
I will not conform to you
I will transform to me
Play your pettie games
Stage your own act
When I can be me
In the act of my own
I am the star of my own show!!
:icon19animeluver96:19animeluver96 2 8
Week 10 - Snow Globe Memories by Blastdown Week 10 - Snow Globe Memories :iconblastdown:Blastdown 23 2 Professor Waluigi by captainaugust Professor Waluigi :iconcaptainaugust:captainaugust 205 31 Week 09 - I Say, Friendship is Magic! by Blastdown Week 09 - I Say, Friendship is Magic! :iconblastdown:Blastdown 11 1
My life seems empty
and I don't know why
My life seems dull
and I wonder why
My mind feels numb
and I can't know why
My mind feels empty
and I now know why
My emotions are gone
and I can't even cry
My emotions are waiting
for when loved ones die
:iconwiliart:Wiliart 31 16
Golems and yetis by LockRikard Golems and yetis :iconlockrikard:LockRikard 97 26 How not to raise an Enderdragon by LockRikard How not to raise an Enderdragon :iconlockrikard:LockRikard 738 208 Steve and the spider jockeys by LockRikard Steve and the spider jockeys :iconlockrikard:LockRikard 2,277 414 Dr. Hooves by TboTheLegend Dr. Hooves :icontbothelegend:TboTheLegend 2 0 Spitfire's Tough Choice by Mystic-Forces Spitfire's Tough Choice :iconmystic-forces:Mystic-Forces 2,797 495


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Just wanted to say a few final things.
1. I look back at how I used to act on here and I want to slap my past self. I was an epitome of hypocrisy and it was wrong and I was too dumb to see it clearly. I alternated between lying, bitching, and acting like a hippie, and frankly I'm surprised I made any friends at all, if one can call such shallow interactions friendship (protip: you can, but you'd be lying to yourself).
2. There are a number of reasons for my inactivity. First of all there's a forum for a nice game called Blockland, a virtual lego game of sorts, which I am active on, and since you gotta buy the game (20$ normally) before you can post with a forum account, it keeps away a helluva lot of the riffraff. Second there's the drama. You have no idea how many drama whores I run into on Deviantart. It's pathetic and sad but it's true, and I certainly contributed to it myself, and it was stupid and I should have known better, but it's a little late for that, heh. Third there's the memories. I'd rather not go there. Fourth is the copypasta. Copypastas on the Blockland forums are frowned upon, which means less spam to put up with. To quote the forum rules, "11. No chain-letter-style spam. Copy and paste this message into five threads and you will be permanently banned." Fifth, I just got tired of stuff. I don't draw anymore so much as I write and none of my writing is in a state remotely close to what you could call "finished". I still have a few real good ones that I never got around to posting but I cannot accurately portray most of my ideas with the media I have available, which is a damn shame.
3. I will be deleting a lot of my extraneous crap lying around on here, but my account will remain not-shut-down in case anyone happens to find anything they like. I will probably not be replying to most messages.
4. If you want to keep tabs on my biggest project yet, you can see the Superscape Project's walls and walls of text at…
Sadly the tab indent is broken by the forum's formatting and I'm looking for a way to fix it, but it's only really important if you're trying to do an indepth analysis of the level list.

Good day, and good luck.


King of the Bill
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Well, I'm out. It's been fun... or has it?
<insert snark here>


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